2004 Elk Toss, Winter Festival, and Charity Auction

Here are the Results!

Elk Bugling Contest-  Sheri Oberdorf  (honorable mention Karl Shellenberger...blow harder next year Karl)

Jerseytown Burger Eat-off  - Jason Zerbe -  5 min 7 sec. (plus side order of fries)

SALAD TOSS -- Nick and Tom...way to toss each others salad!

SCRAP IRON TOSS -- Vern Sibley (honorable mention Kurt Shellenberger)

DOG SLED RACES -- Ceremonial running of the dog only, thanks JC! (due to lack of sleds, snow, and time)

ICE ROPING -- No winner, but Aaron Jensen was closest and will hold the trophy until next year.

This year's elk toss was very exciting, with the winning toss being only 1 inch farther than 2nd place.

First- Nick Seitz 30' 3"
Second-  Jason Zerbe 30'  2"
Third - BJ  Lukitis 28' 7"
Forth - Todd Oberdorf 28' 4"
Fifth - Mike Billmeyer  27' 9"
Sixth - Franz Klingerman 26' 2"

pon further review of this year's Elk Toss, it has been determined that the top five finishers may be disqualified pending a full investigation. 

Until the investigation is complete, we will have to consider the 6th place finisher as the champion.

So once again, for the 75th year in a row, the Elk Toss Champion is Franz Klingerman!  Congratulations Franz!

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to those who purchased items at the auction.  We raised...
 $450 for the Good Samaritan Fund of Danville
$50 for the Thomas Beaver Free Library
$75 to help sponsor a student from Pine Grove Area HS for a whale watching trip

PLUS a full shopping cart full of food donation for the Danville-Riverside Food Bank.

Photos from this year's events...

Steve, Franz, Schlon, and Hans at the Salvation Army.

Hans, Schlon, and Franz at the Jerseytown Schoolhouse Elk Toss Commemmorative Ceremony.

Karl and Sherri Oberdorf in the Elk Bugling Competition.


Jason Zerbe polishing off the J-Town Burger.

Jason Zerbe showing the Elk who is boss.

Schlon tossing the elk while losing his hat.

Franz doing his ceremonial elk dance before he tosses.