2005 Elk Toss, Winter Festival, and Charity Auction

Here are the Results!

ELK BUGLING -  Franz Klingermann.  He can do it all.

JERSEYTOWN BURGER EAT-OFF  - Jason Zerbe -  4 min 10 sec.  This is Jason's second consecutive title in the
competition.  Honorable mention goes to Adam Young with a time of 5 min 20 sec.

SALAD TOSS -- Jason Zerbe and Jen Orlando...way to toss each others salad!  Second place: Tim and Katie.

SCRAP IRON TOSS -- Todd Summers, followed by Pam Spayd and Ryan Zerbe with a tie for 2nd.

DOG SLED RACES -- Pete Shellenberger and Joe McMonagle followed by Aaron Myers and Marc Lewis.

ICE ROPING -- No winner due to river conditions, but Chris Brida purchased the right to hold the trophy until next year.

This year's Elk Toss was another exciting competition, with a distance of 5 inches separating 1st and 2nd.

First- Mike Wilkinson (Lancaster, PA) - 34'5"
Second-  Jason Zerbe (Mohnton, PA) - 34'0" (Jason's second consecutive year as the runner-up)
Third - Chris M - 32'10"
Fourth - Franz Klingermann (Elkville) - 29'4"
Fifth - Joe McMonagle (Lancaster, PA) and Karl Shellenberger (State College, PA) - tie - 28'3"

See the Danville News article about the day on our Articles Page.

pon further review of this year's Elk Toss, it has been determined that the top three finishers may be disqualified pending a full investigation. 

Until the investigation is complete, we will have to consider the 4th place finisher as the champion.

So once again, for the 75th year in a row, the Elk Toss Champion is Franz Klingerman!  Congratulations Franz!

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to those who purchased items at the auction.  We are still counting the money, but preliminarily we raised...
$1000 for the Thomas Beaver Free Library
$350 for the Sidler Hill Cemetery Revitilization Project

PLUS about two full shopping carts full of food donations for the Danville-Riverside Food Bank.

We more than doubled the amount of money raised and food collected.  Thanks again to everyone who attended.


Photos from this year's events are posted here.  If you took digital pictures, email them to us.