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Newspaper Article about the Elk Toss

The 2006 Elk Toss was another success for the Danville German Society.  We raised over $1900 and will be donating to the following charities:

Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg: $400
ClearWater Conservancy: $400
Mooresburg Bicentennial: $400
Danville Mining and Manufacturing Museum: $400
Montour County Summer Concert Series: $150
Heart-to-Hand Ministries: $100

The remainder of the money will be held by the DGS to be used on continuing projects such as the Sidler Hill Cemetery Revitalization project.

Results of the Events

Elk Toss
First: John Zerbe, 57'6"
Second: Dave M., 56'5"
Third: Chaz, 49'5"
Fourth: Sean Harmann, 49'1"
Franz Klingermann, 48'3"

Breaking News: several of the competitors are under investigation for illegal activities:
  • John Zerbe had more than the maximum of five colors in his lederhosen, violating rule 108.X.4.44l.  He also reportedly drank milk as a child which contained bovine hormones, which blatanly violates our strict anti-doping policy (102.B.88.1g).
  • Dave M. did not provide a clear spelling of his last name during registration, which violates Rule 103.A.6.22c of the regulations of the International Elk Tossing Association.
  • Similar to Dave M., Chaz also violated the rules regarding providing a last name, although since he did not even provide an initial, he committed an even more serious violation of rule 103.A.6.22b.
  • Sean Harmann wore unsecured sunglasses on his head, which is a clear safety violation of rule 105.T.13.11g.
Pending the results of the investigation, the abovementioned competitors could be disqualified.  Until the investigation is complete, we will consider the fifth place finisher as our winner.  So, once again, Franz Klingermann is the Elk Toss Champion.  Congratulations for the 75th consecutive victory.

Other notable events included a new world record by Ryan Zerbe in the one-armed Elk Toss, and a first ever women's division.  The results of the women's division are as follows:

1. Pam: 38'8" (measurement errors, the actual toss was somewhere around 30')
2. Nora: 29'6"
3. Ann: 27'8"
4. Rachel: 25'5"
5. Katie: 18'

Salad Toss
First: Chris and Rachel
Second: Karl and Pam

Scrap Iron Toss
First: Jason Zerbe
Second: Karl Shellenberger

Beard Contest
First: Dave Mantz
Second: Karl Shellenberger

Chicken Race
First: Whitey the Chicken

Block Shoot
Winner: Jen McGlaughlin

Clog Toss
First: Jenny Summers

Elk Bugling
First: Sheri Oberdorf

Burger Eat-off
First: Brandon Oberdorf
Second: Jason Zerbe

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