2009 Elk Toss Results

The 2009 Elk Toss, Charity Auction, and Winter Festival was another success. 

A total of $2300 was raised and donated to local charites.
$750 to the Gatehouse Shelter in Danville
$600 to the Milagro House in Lancaster
$600 to the Centre County Women's Resource Center
$150 to the Montour County Recreation Authority Summer Concert Series
$200 to Heart-to-Hand Ministries

The event was featured in an article from the Sunbury Daily item.

Photos and video links will be posted on the photo page as they are received.


Elk Toss
1st - Chaz Wall - 51'9"
2nd (tie) - Mike Wilkinson and Franz Klingermann - 49'4"
4th - Joe McMonagle - 45'8"
5th - Jim - 44'0"
6th - Karl Shellenberger

Jerseytown Burger Eat-Off
1st - Tim (4:05)
2nd - Tait

Elk Bugling
1st - Gunter Canterbury
2nd - Franz Klingermann
3rd - Karl Shellenberger

Scrap Iron Toss
1st - Pam Shellenberger
2nd (tie) - James Spayd and Dave McGovern

Dog Sled Race
1st - Wrench Ruggairo*
2nd - Karl Shellenberger

Salad Toss
1st - Joe McMonagle and Unnamed Female

Beard Competition
1st - Aurelia Summers
2nd - Karl Shellenberger

Ice Roping
1st - Jean Fox*
2nd - Karl Shellenberger

These results are based on our notes from the events and our memories. Let us know if you feel they are incorrect or if you have additional information to add (i.e. last names or spelling corrections).

*Award puchchased at auction.

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