2010 Elk Toss Results

We had another successful Elk Toss, Charity Auction, and Winter Festival. This year was extra special since it was our 75th year.

We raised $2,500 which was donated to the following charities:

Gatehouse Shelter, Danville - $500
Daily Item Needy Family Fund, Sunbury, Northumberland, Danville area - $500
Montour County Summer Concert Series, Danville - $200
Deb's House, Lancaster - $500
Mount Nittany Conservancy, Centre County - $400
Centre Grounds, Centre County - $400

Jerseytown Burger Eat-Off
1st - Megan Freedman - 4:00 (first female champion)
2nd- Tait Brotman - 4:24

Elk Bugling
1st - John Zerbe
2nd - Franz Klingermann

Scrap Iron Toss
1st - Steve Lewis
2nd - James Spayd

Beard Competition
1st - Plastic Skeleton Representing Bill Brasky
2nd  1st - Karl Shellenberger
(1st awarded to the 2nd place finisher per DGS Bylaw 402.G.7.f - "Entrant must be alive at the time of competition, subject to judgment of officials.")

Salad Toss
1st - Angela Persing and Kelley Geurin (way to toss that salad, ladies)

Elk Toss
1st - Patrick - 47'3"
2nd - Chris - 45'7"
3rd (tie) - Franz Klingermann and Mike Wilkinson - 45'1"
5th - Van Wagner - 42'8"
6th - John Wadeck

If you know last names of event winners, please email them to us.

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