The 2001 Elk Toss Semifinals were a success with a winning toss by Kevin Mitchell.  All measurements were verified by Eamonn Sauderburg of Lancaster, PA.  The Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise and the Danville News ran articles about the Elk Toss and the Pork and Sauerkraut Eat-a-Thon.  Click here to see the articles.

Kevin Mitchell, 23, Drums, PA  35"1"
Peter Dickinson, Watsonville, PA  32'7"
Franz Klingermann, 24, VA 32'2'
Karl Shellenberger, 24 Lancaster, PA 31'3"
Van Wagner, 24, Schuylkill Haven, PA 30'10"


Sneaking up on an elk...

Getting the perfect grip to toss the elk.

DISCLAIMER - If you have ever seen an elk, you know that "tossing" an elk is quite difficult.  An adult male elk can weigh 800 lb.  We do not "toss" elk without proper safety harnesses and have never even touched an elk without these devises.  We do not wish to harm the magnificent elk or ourselves in any way.  Please do not attempt to toss an elk at home.