The 2002 Elk Toss Semifinals and Winter Festival will be held in Riverside on January 26th at Stinger's Tavern.  The Elk Toss Finals will be held in Benezette later in the Spring.  The schedule for the day's events is as follows:

10:00 Pappas Restaurant for Breakfast
11:00 Salvation Army Shopping Trip
12:00 Meet at Stinger's parking lot (giving a half hour for late people)
12:30 Sled Dog race across Danville  (for information click here)
1:15 Ice Fishing
2:00 Break - Food and Beverages at Stinger's
2:30 Yearly Officer Status Reports
3:00 Let the Games Begin...
        Salad Toss   (see toss rules)
        Scrap Iron Toss    (see toss rules)
4:00 ELK TOSS (see disclaimer)    (see toss rules)
5:00 Re-enter Stingers for more beer/food/fooseball/pool

Live Music from Van Wagner and friends  (bring your acoustic instrument and jam along)
Groundhog chase

The best time to meet up with us would be at noon or 2:00 at Stinger's.

EVERYONE AND ANYONE is welcome to enter the competitions!  The idea is to raise money for the Danville SPCA, there is a small entry fee to compete.  So the more the merrier!

For more information, email us.

Directions to Stinger's: From I-80, take exit 224 and go south on Route 54 through Danville and cross the Susquehanna River.  Take the first Right once you get over the bridge and Stinger's will be on your right less than 1/2 mile away.  570-275-3387

Dog Sled Guidlines:
team may have 2 or 3 members
sled must be made mainly out of wood (toboggans preferred)
sled must have stuffed animal (preferably a dog) attached on top

Toss competitions:

For all toss competetitions,
gloves are permitted
back support is permitted
any other aid is PROHIBITED, violators will be subjected to Uncle's Groin press

Elk Toss

DISCLAIMER - If you have ever seen an elk, you know that "tossing" an elk is quite difficult.  An adult male elk can weigh 800 lb.  We do not "toss" elk without proper safety harnesses and have never even touched an elk without these devises.  We do not wish to harm the magnificent elk or ourselves in any way.  Please do not attempt to toss an elk at home.