The 2004 Elk Toss Semifinals and Winter Festival will be held in and around Danville on February 28th, 2004.  The Elk Toss Finals will be held in Benezette later in the Spring.  The finalized schedule of the day's events is as follows:

8:00 am  Pappas Restaurant for Annual ScrappleFest
9:30 am  Salvation Army Shopping Trip
10:30 am  Ceremony at Jerseytown Schoolhouse for the Anniversary of the First Elk Toss
10:45 am  First Annual Elk Bugling Competition
11:00 am  Jerseytown Tavern in Jerseytown (570-437-2251) - Jerseytown Burger Eat-Off
1 pm  Competitions at Stinger's/Nooning House (570-275-3387) in Riverside
       (Scrap Iron Toss, Salad Toss, Ice Roping, Sled-Dog Race, etc.)
3:00 pm  ELK TOSS at Stinger's (see disclaimer)
4:00 pm  Annual meeting and officers reports.
4:30 pm  Charity Auction at Stinger's - Please Bring Stuff to Donate to the Auction!
After the Auction, we will go to the Winter Bluegrass Festival at the Pine Barn Inn.
10:00 pm  Tour of Danville and hopefully a Magic Show courtesy of Fred Iobst  (if we can find Fred)
Late   Cheese Cosmos at Danville Sub Shop

Toss the ELK!

Click here for Driving directions to all locations

The officers have decided that this year's fundraisers will benefit the Good Samaritan Fund, which benefits the less fortunate in the Danville area. Also, we request that you to bring cans of food to donate to the Danville-Riverside Food Bank.  

Please bring ANYTHING you can donate to this year's auction!  Also, feel free to dress up in your best German or PA Dutch outfit!

Many DGS members will also be attending a benefit for the Susquehanna Valley Welsh Society on Friday February 27th at 7:00 pm (the night before the Elk Toss) at the Mahoning Presbyterian Church. The benefit will feature music by Van Wagner and storytelling by Fiona Powell. Please help out another local organization by showing up to the event (wearing Lederhosen, of course).

The Danville German society recommends anyone who has enjoyed fermented and/or distilled beverages to book a room at the Pine Barn Inn (800-627-2276 or 570-275-2071).  Tell them you are with the Danville Germans and maybe you'll get a mint on the pillow.

For directions to Danville, Jerseytown, or Germany, please email us or check out our directions page.

For more about Elk Tossing, click here.

For information about the Event Rules, click here.

DISCLAIMER - If you have ever seen an elk, you know that "tossing" an elk is quite difficult.  An adult male elk can weigh 800 lb.  We do not "toss" elk without proper safety harnesses and have never even touched an elk without these devices.  We do not wish to harm the magnificent elk or ourselves in any way.  Please do not attempt to toss an elk at home.

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