The 2009 Danville German Society Elk Toss (Semifinals), Winter Festival, and Charity Auctionl will be held in and around Danville on February 21th, 2009.

As always, the Elk Toss Finals will be held in Benezette later in the Spring.

For the most up-to-date schedule and other information see our blog by clicking here.

A printable .pdf containing the schedule and a map can be downloaded from the blog site once it is ready.

Notes, Instructions, Warnings, etc.

This year's events will benefit several charities which will be determined closer to the event and listed on the DGS Blog.

Also, we request again that you to bring cans and other non-perishable food items to donate to the
Danville-Riverside Food Bank. 

Please bring items to donate to this year's auction, and make sure you bring money to buy
stuff in the auction.  Please bring auction items that you think that someone would actually want. 
Don't use our auction as a way to take out your trash.

We will also continue to enforce the "people who just don't get it" rule: if you win money in an event and don't
buy something in the auction, we will force you to spend 15 minutes in the basement with Uncle Frumple!

Feel free to dress up in your best German or PA Dutch outfit!  This is not a requirement, but
be prepared to be ridiculed if you don't look German.

The Danville German Society recommends anyone who has enjoyed fermented and/or distilled beverages
to book a room at the Pine Barn Inn (800-627-2276 or 570-275-2071).  Information about other hotels
(not within walking distance of downtown Danville) can be found here.

For directions to Danville, Jerseytown, or Germany, please email us or check out our directions page.

For more about Elk Tossing, click here.

For information about the Event Rules, click here.

DISCLAIMER - If you have ever seen an elk, you know that "tossing" an elk is quite difficult. 
An adult male elk can weigh 800 lb.  We do not "toss" elk without proper safety harnesses
and have never even touched an elk without these devices.  We do not wish to harm the magnificent
elk or ourselves in any way.  Please do not attempt to toss an elk at home.

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