HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT (courtesy of Ben Goldberg)

With large knife, cut clean cabbages in half, then slice into
thin shreds. Pack the cut cabbage into sterilized one quart
glass, canning jars. Add 1 tsp. salt and fill with boiling
water. Put on sterilized canning lids, and tighten. Put the
sauerkraut aside to "work" for a few weeks. Be sure to place
jars in something to collect any juice that might run out.
When it stops "working" it is done. Keep in a cool, dry
place; or freeze for later use. Caution: Do not taste, as
this is not yet a cooked, safe-to-eat product.

I once tasted the not safe-to-eat product...NOT RECOMMENDED for sane
people.  It is also essential to have a large pork roast, preferably
fresh along with the kraut.  For those of the kosher eating variety, you
might have to skip the pork and substitute brisket.  Open up a good beer and
eat up!

HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT (by Karl Shellenberger)

In a large crock, add a layer of shredded cabbage (shredded with a kraut shredder) followed with some salt.  Mash this with a kraut masher and make another layer.  When the crock is full, cover the cabbage with a clean t-shirt and weigh it down with a plate and a gallon jug of water.  Make sure the cabbage is completely covered in liquid.  Let this sit for 4-6 weeks, making sure to occasionally remove any scum that forms on the liquid.  Cook for about 12 hours at about 250 degrees with pork.  Enjoy.


Add a special culture to skim milk.  This will make the milk 'turn'.  Heat it and separate the curds from the whey.  Get rid of the whey (who wants that stuff anyway?).  Then add salt and baking soda and age it for a while.  The longer it ages, the sharper it tastes.  After the ripening process, it is cooked once again, and becomes the wonderful substance that is Cup Cheese.  Enjoy on a cracker.

This recipe is vague and takes a long time to get to a finished product.  It is recommended that you go to Lancaster County or the surrounding area and get some from Shenk's Foods, Inc.  Be sure to notice that Shenk's is produced in New Danville.  Coincidence?

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