Why Van Likes Danville

A simple question was once asked of Van Wagner: Why do you like Danville so much?

This is his answer:

Danville is where people say "Hello Van" Danville is where I learned to swim Danville is where I threw a snow ball at a car that stopped and chased after me and Robby. Danville is the only town where Elk Tossing is "legal" Danville gives out free beer in July I was born in Danville dad was born in Danville grand dad was born in Danville area great grand dad too great great too great great great too great great great great too. I was arrested in danville the river flows through Danville Danville is in Montour County, the smallest county in PA Welsh people are interesting. $1 lager There are old mines to explore in the hills Trout are in the area too I love the river. The washies baseball field was fun as a kid. when it snows deep enough you can sled right down the power lines (wear helmet though) Uncle steve comes to town now and then Trains are neat and are there often. The pub Fred Iobst You can walk anywhere you need to get to Schoolhouse Music is awesome. close to many cool towns. low cost of living. No goats in town. <<Back